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Sarah Grote is a Berlin based Designer and Art Director working in the fields of Culture, Lifestyle and Fashion.

She started to freelance after 9 years at DOJO Werbeagentur & MVSCHI Kreuzberg, exiting as the long time Head of Design of both companies, leaving for new adventures. 

Brand building, corporate design, visual Identities, editorial projects, magazines, books, websites, print campaigns, packaging... reads like a list of buzz words compiled here solely for SEO reasons? Well, she's actually into all of that. Giving brands, products, events a beautiful new face. That's literally what excites her. Like football or pizza does other people.

She will collaborate with Creatives, Copywriters, photographers, illustrators, bloggers and stylists which share her passion and bring unique talents to their respective professions. So whenever needed, she'll put her exclusive network to good use, making even better things happen for her clients.
(Yes, that might be you!)

PS: If you ask her ex, he'll tell you she's superficial. And you know what? He's damn right. Need something to look good? She'll make sure it does. And not just good, but great. (That's also why he's still using the business cards she designed for him.)

Selected clients

Adidas // Armed Angels // Be Berlin // Berlin Festival // BVG // Comedy Central // Die GRÜNEN // Eastpak // eBay Kleinanzeigen // Edeka // Frangelico // HEINZ Ketchup // Iriedaily // Jägermeister // John Reed // Junge Helden // Levi's // Marina Hoermanseder // Muschi Kreuzberg // NYLON Magazine // Palina Rojinski // rbb // Red Bull // Senat Berlin //  Taz  // Universal Music Group // VLY // Zattoo